Menu - Tanjong Katong

Homemade Soups

Creamy Mushroom Soup (V) $9

Served with Herb Garlic Bread

Roasted Tomato Soup $8

Served with Fried Shallots and Bread

French Onion Soup *Contains Beef $9

Baked with Cheese Crouton


Tuna Tataki Niçoise $14

Mesclun Salad, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Soft Boiled Egg, Olives, Red Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Ginger Shoyu

Mushroom Salad (V) $12

Mesclun Salad, Soft Boiled Egg, Shaved Grana Padano, Sautéed Mushrooms and Cherry Tomato


Duck Rillette $10

Served with Baby Cornichons and Rustic French Baguette

Citrus Seafood Salad $16

Diced Prawns, Tuna, Chorizo, Cucumber, Potato, Lemon Vinaigrette served with Crostini and Quail Egg

Escargot $14

Baked with Herb Garlic Butter, Tomato Fondue and served with Rustic French Baguette

Pan Fried Foie Gras (70g) $19

Toasted Brioche, Homemade Pickles, Red Wine Reduction

Truffle French Camembert (V) $18

Baked French Camembert with Chopped Truffle, Dried Fruits, Nuts and Rustic French Baguette

Tarte Flambée $14

French Pizza topped with Smoked Bacon, White Wine Cream Sauce and Onion Confit


Spaghetti Carbonara $16

Smoked Bacon, Chardonnay Cream Sauce, Onsen Egg, Grated Parmesan

Squid Ink Spaghetti $22

Served with Grilled Tiger Prawns and Garlic Chips

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (V) $14

Sautéed Mushrooms, Garlic, Chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


French Duck Leg Confit $18

Mashed Potato, Mustard Brown Sauce, Sautéed Bacon Succotash

Norwegian Salmon $20

Pan-seared Salmon, Sautéed Potato, Garlic Sesame, Cherry Tomato Confit

Roasted Spring Chicken $16

½ Spring Chicken, Mashed Potato, Sautéed Bacon Succotash, Roasted Chicken Gravy

Bangers and Mash $16

German Bratwurst, Spanish Chorizo, Mashed Potato, Brown Sauce, Petit Salad

Crispy 12-Hour Belly of Pork $18

Pork Belly Confit, Bacon Cassoulet Beans, Honey Balsamic Reduction, Petit Salad, Onsen Egg

Angus Steak & Fries $28/$40

$28/ 250g
$40/ 400g
Angus Striploin, Mushroom Hunter Sauce, Petit Salad, French Fries

Angus Beef Cheek $22

Braised in Red Wine and Vegetables, served with a Choice of Mashed Potato or Rustic French Baguette

Mains for Sharing

Farmer’s Meat Platter (for 2- 3 pax) $48

Duck Leg Confit, Crispy Pork Belly Confit (200g),German Bratwurst, Spanish Chorizo, Bacon Cassoulet Beans, Petit Salad

Carnivore Platter (for 3- 5 pax) $68

Angus Striploin (250g), Norwegian Salmon (150g), Crispy Pork Belly (200g), ½ Spring Chicken served with sides of Mashed Potato, French Fries and Mixed Salad


Warm Apple Crumble $11

Apple and Apricot topped with Buttery Crumble, served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Fondant $12

Rich Chocolate Molten Lava served with Vanilla Ice Cream