Garçons’ social mission

Social Mission

Garçons’ owner Enoch Teo’s love for cooking saved him from a troubled teenage past of gangs, drugs and vices. However, his journey to being a chef wasn’t easy - he was once rejected by a culinary school and denied opportunities due to his past.

So beyond being a dining establishment, Garçons is also a social enterprise that provides culinary training and employment to ex-offenders and at-risk youth.

At Garçons, we believe that these marginalised youths of today need not be limited by their past. With adequate culinary skills and positive guidance, they can find decent jobs in the open market and become the craftsmen of tomorrow.

To date, Garçons has provided culinary training to over 30 beneficiaries, and currently employ a 30% beneficiary percentage out of our total headcount. Some beneficiaries have gone on to work in top hotels and fine dining establishments. One of them has even started his own F&B business.