Garçons’ social mission

Social Mission

Garçons’ owner Enoch Teo’s love for cooking saved him from a troubled teenage past of gangs, drugs and vices. However, his journey to becoming a chef wasn’t easy - he was twice rejected by a culinary school and denied opportunities due to his past. So beyond being a dining establishment, Garçons is also a social enterprise that provides culinary training and employment to ex-offenders and at-risk youth.

At Garçons, we believe that these marginalised youths of today need not be limited by their past. With adequate culinary skills and positive guidance, they stand a chance to find promising jobs in the open market and become the craftsmen of tomorrow.

To date, Garçons has provided culinary training to over 30 beneficiaries and currently, employ a 30% beneficiary percentage out of our total headcount. Our beneficiaries have since gone on to work in top hotels, fine dining establishments, and even start their own F&B businesses.

In addition to this, Garçons was elected as the grand prize winner for the NUS Crossing the Chasm Challenge 2017, and also gained a nomination for Youth Social Enterprise of the Year 2017. In addition, we earned a visit from Prince Charles during his Commonwealth Tour, where Garçons was introduced to him as a social enterprise.